Tuesday, January 16, 2007

My big brother!

Well its a sad day for me, kinda. I miss my big brother.

I found him just before Halloween this year. What a happy day that was, after 45 years, I was actually talking to him on the phone!! WOW!!

I went out to visit him in Nova Scotia, he sent me a ticket, how sweet is that. We had a great visit, it was like we were never apart for 45 years.

Last week my big brother came out with his wonderful wife. They're moving here!!! Well ok, it's still 2 hrs away from me, but that's way better than all the way across Canada. We got to spend the weekend together, after they found and bought a house. Well that was fantastic!!

My youngest brother just happened to be at my house at the same time, they got to meet for the first time in 45 years!! I'm so happy for them both.

Well now my big brother and his wife have gone back home. The good thing is that they went home to pack up their house, and they're moving here in just 6 weeks!!! I absolutely cannot wait for them to be living here, and so close!!

Happy days are surely here again!!



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