Monday, January 14, 2008

My Dear Brother Andy Passed Away

I haven't updated my blog in a very long time. I've been so busy, I know it's no excuse but that's all I have right now.

I have been spending as much time with my brother as I possible could for the last few months. My dear brother Andy passed away Dec 19, 2007. I am devastated, I will love and miss him forever.

He is my new hero.

He fought right up to the end, he fought this terrible pancreatic cancer for 2 yrs. He barely complained, and tried to be upbeat and cheerful right to the end. He was always worried about all of us, and not himself.

Tuesday night, Dec 18th, he was laying in his hospital bed. He looked at me and said "I can't hold on any more, it's too hard". I held his hand, kissed his forehead, and said "That's ok Andy, if you can't fight anymore it's ok to give up and rest. I will love you and miss you forever". The next morning he took his last breath, I was holding one hand, our sister in law was holding his other hand.

He is finally out of pain, and in God's arms.

RIP My dear brother, I truly will love you and miss you forever.

I can't finish this post right now. I will come back when I am stronger and do my brother proud.

Tears are truly words the heart can't bear to say. Mine are never ending.


Third Mom said...

Joanne, I'm so very sorry to hear this. My deepest sympathy to you and your family.

joannes blog said...

Thanks so much Third Mom

Anonymous said...

Joanne - I am so sorry to hear your news. My heart goes out to you.


(from Looking in Ontario)

Kathy said...

I know you were very close and I know the anniversary was probably a tough one. He was a special person in your like and I hope you can enjoy the memories.

Anonymous said...

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