Saturday, August 25, 2007

I need everyone's help please

Hello everyone:

I really need everyone's help with this. My brother has be diagnosed with terminal pancreatic cancer. He wishes to reunite with ALL his siblings while he still has the chance.

My brother has limited time, he just has months left. I'm asking for everyone's help so that he may have the chance to meet or just even talk to ALL his siblings before his time is up.

I have located all but 2 siblings, we are still searching for 2 sisters.

Please take a minute, go to this link. Please read it and send it to your friends. The more people that see this, the better. Hopefully someone somewhere knows our sisters, or our sisters will see this, and contact us.

Thanks for your help in advance.

The link is:


VALERIE MARTHA EDWARDS, dob sept 24, 1951, ROSE MARIE EDWARDS, dob july 7, 1954 WHERE ARE YOU??


Karen Lynn said...

Hi Joanne,

On September 17, 2007 adoption records in Ontario will be unsealed. I understand from an online letter that your mother has died but your father is alive. The new law doesn't allow siblings to get identifying information about each other (although we asked for it). But your father, Percy, can ask for identifying information about his children. He could get your sister's adopted name (IF she was adopted). However, if she had been removed because of abuse they may not give it to him.

Why not appeal to the Mininster of Community & Social Services directly? She is The Honourable Madeleine Meilleur. Her email address is Her phone number is 416-325-0800.
It is unconscionable that they won't give you your sister's information. WHO are they trying to protect and why!

Karen Lynn
Coalition for Open Adoption Records
President, Canadian Council of Natural Mothers
Email: ccnm[at]

joannes blog said...


Thanks for the comment. I have already emailed He Honourable Madleine Meilleur, and have not received a response yet.

My father is way to old, he doesn't remember anything. I just talked to him tonight and had to keep reminding him who I was.

We were removed from the house do to abuse, neglect, domestic violence, etc so I don't know how that will go.

The Hamilton Spectator ran a story about us yesterday:

Yesterday because of that story I have found Valerie. Now we just need to find Rose Marie Edwards.